• From July 2011 Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā contributes lexicographic entries to the “Indo-Tibetan Lexical Resource” (ITLR), a digital project developed at the Khyentse Center for Tibetan Buddhist Textual Scholarship (KC-TBTS), Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies, Asia-Africa Institute, University of Hamburg.
  • From October 2011, with Hung Jen-jou as project co-director and Bhikṣunī Deyuan as research assistant, Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā is working on a collated digital edition and parallels database of Śamathadeva’s Abhidharmakośopāyikā.
  • Editing and digitisation of the unpublished index to the Japanese translation of the Dīrgha-āgama (Taishō 1). download
  • Partial digital edition of Karashima Seishi’s study of the underlying language of the Chinese translation of the Dīrgha-āgama (Taishō 1),「長阿含経」の原語の研究 (1994). download 
  • Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā with Jen-jou Hung and bhikṣuṇī Deyuan are collaborating on a digital table of parallels and collated digital edition of Śamathadeva’s Abhidharmakośopāyikāṭikā to be soon made available through the arg website.
  • The Āgama research group continues the long-term efforts of DILA to make available glossaries for Buddhist studies, with a focus on early materials, see glossaries


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