The translation of the Madhyama-āgama, to be published as part of the Numata series, began in 2006 under the chief editorship of Marcus Bingenheimer, with Bhikkhu Anālayo and Rod Bucknell as co-editors. The first volume containing translations of chapters 1 to 6 has been completed and has just been released:

  • The Madhyama Āgama, ed. Bhikkhu Anālayo, Marcus Bingenheimer (chief editor) and Rod Bucknell, BDK English Tripiṭaka Series, Berkeley: Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research, vol. 1, 2013.

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In the meantime, due to his many other work commitments Marcus Bingenheimer has requested Bhikkhu Anālayo to take over the role of chief editor for the remaining two volumes to be translated. The present plan is to complete volume 2 (chapters 7 to 12) and volume 3 (chapters 13 to 18) by the end of 2014.

In addition to the above project, Bhikkhu Anālayo’s collected papers with comparative studies of single Madhyama-āgama discourses has been published as:

  • Madhyama Āgama Studies, Taipei: Dharma Drum Publishing Corporation, 2012, containing studies of the following discourses:

– MĀ 15, MĀ 34, MĀ 63, MĀ 75, MĀ 116, MĀ 165, MĀ 179, MĀ 181, MĀ 186, MĀ 187, MĀ 189, MĀ 190, MĀ 198, MĀ 204, MĀ 207, MĀ 209, MĀ 214.